Where it all Began


Hi there and welcome, my name is Emile Pavlovic, I am a creative professional, an aspiring title designer, an entertaining family man and a fanatic film enthusiast. It’s with great delight that I present to you Memory Lane Productions!

The idea behind this business was originally formed some years ago whilst helping a friend of the family compile a video slideshow for her son’s 21st. The stock footage for this slideshow was mainly drawn from VHS tapes and old photographs. It was through this creative process, that I first considered creating slideshows for events professionally. However, due to lack of time and resources, the idea remained nothing other than a hobby that I would occasionally carry out for friends and family. Over the years to follow, combined with ample time working in customer service, a completed degree in media production, an acquired knowledge in new and emerging technologies and a sustaining passion for peoples lives and their memories, I started to hone in on these ideas more seriously. I produced a slideshow in 2015 for my father’s 70th birthday, which proved a great success and it was from this moment on that I decided it was time to make it a living.

It is my vision for Memory Lane Productions, to provide a service to people of all creed, to digitize, celebrate and preserve their memories forever. I am confident, given the rapid rate at which our society is moving toward cloud technology, that I will continue to assist people in storing their memories now and for future generations to come.

I also want to use the business as platform leverage to utilise and further develop the skills learnt throughout my media bachelors degree and throughout my life thus far. I want to establish the business to suit my independent lifestyle and family life and use the business as a chance to exercise both my poetic license as an artist and strength and drive as a creative professional.

I am always open to the learning experience and accepting challenges as they’re presented. I pledge to always do what is required, to take my business to greater heights and maintain the  philosophy that the “sky’s the limit!”

Albeit a professional pursuit, I cannot deny that this business is a creative process, for I’ve always loved to tell stories and I strongly believe that nothing tells a story better than the digital and moving image. Whether it’s creating collaged slideshows to celebrate the life of a loved one, either in life or death, or whether it’s editing and restoring old home movies and recreating the experience for others, nothing provides me greater pleasure than telling a story in this digital age…. So waste no time, pick up the phone or drop us a line and let’s take a trip down memory lane together!